Rules & Regulations

Ingame Rules

We have compiled a list of basic guidelines to keep you safe when playing HelNet R2. The following is a non exhaustive list of the rules and regulations we have in place. Sanctions will often depend on the severity of the situation. The result of the sanction lies at the discretion of the HelNet R2 staff.

1.1 Ingame Interactions

The following interactions are deemed illegal and may subject the player concerned to sanctions.

  • Impersonating a staff member or another player.
  • Harassment of a staff member or player. This includes sexual, discriminative, hateful, or defamatory in nature.
  • Defrauding or attempting to defraud a staff member or player.
  • Going against or ignoring instructions given by a staff member.
  • Advertising or endorsing other private servers.
  • Disrupting or attempting to disrupt official events held by staff.
  • Spamming the ingame chat.
The staff have the final say on what constitutes as harassment and cases will be judged on a case by case basis.

1.2 Account Security

  • Account security is the responsibility of the user.
  • We will never share any user information and we suggest you do the same.
  • Sharing accounts hinders investigation and will result in no support being given.
  • Sharing accounts will result in the owner of the account being held accountable for any and all actions done on the account.
  • No support will be given for scams or issues related to buying or selling in-game assets (including accounts) via any currency other than in-game currency.
  • The HelNet R2 staff will not be held liable for the loss of accounts or items as a result of real-money trading or account selling.

1.3 Cheating

The following are deemed illegal and may subject the player concerned to sanctions.

  • Using a 3rd party program to modify the functions of the game client to gain an advantage over others (e.g. speedhacks)
  • Advertising or attempting to distribute cheating programs.

1.4 Bugs/Glitches

	Glitch/bug exploitation is prohibited. It includes using any exploit in game where the game does not normally allow under regular circumstances.
	Where the glitch may have been an accident reporting the glitch is a clear sign to the staff that you haven’t meant to abuse it.

1.5 Botting

	The use of botting and(or) macro programs to automate actions ingame where a player is able to be AFK is prohibited.

1.6 Support Tickets

	Reporting players for breaking the rules above can be done on the support section of the forums by submitting a ticket.
	Please make sure you provide the necessary details when making a support ticket.
	1. Username and Character name
	2. Date & Time of incident (Server time)
	3. Description of the issue
	4. Screenshot / Video (If applicable)

Forum Rules

The following are deemed illegal and may subject the player concerned to sanctions.

  • Impersonating another player or staff member.
  • Spamming posts/threads.
  • Posting pornography, gore, other illicit content.
  • Signatures must not contain any spoilers, endorsement of any other servers, advertisement, pornography, gore or mature content.
  • Posting illegal content such as links to torrents, links that stream movies/TV shows, links to download music, or any form of illegal free services.
  • Harassing a staff member or player.
  • Disruption of any official forum events.